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Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Oxandrolone
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Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid developed by Searle Laboratories and released under the brand name Anavar in 1964. Oxa-Max is considered a steroid, in which ring A is a heterocycle, in which the second carbon atom has been replaced by an air atom. Oxa-Max is widely known for its low androgenic activity and higher anabolic index. Initially, Oxa-Max was developed for the treatment of HIV-infected patients, as an adjunct therapy for Turner syndrome, anemia. Loxandrolone has also been used to regenerate skin after burns, preventive strengthening of bone tissue. However, soon after the invention, the drug was actively used in bodybuilding after which loxandrolone was placed on the list of controlled drugs.

Effects of admission

Increased density and muscle irregularity. This property makes the drug very useful in the final weeks of preparation for bodybuilding competitions.
Acceleration of the transport of fatty acids (faster fat burning, even in problematic places.
Increased strength, endurance. We particularly like drug boxers, athletes and so on.
Gives the general tone, the acceleration of recovery between loads.

How to take

The Oxa-Max course is performed exclusively for the purpose of improving the quality of muscle mass: to burn fat, give the muscles hardness, fullness, and also to increase strength or endurance (depending on the type of load). For the collection of muscle mass, this drug is not intended, because it is very weak. The duration of the course is 5-8 weeks, Oxanobol should be taken in a dosage of 50-100 mg. The drug is not aromatized, maintenance with aromatase inhibitors is not required.After the course, you need to carry a light PKT clomiphene citrate to restore the level of your hormonal profile.


Oxa-Max is a powerful drug. It acts on the body on a molecular level. The peculiarity of this steroid is that it practically does not affect the muscle mass set. Oxa-Max is popular with sportsmen in the athletics category. This steroid is also in great demand among boxers, karate players, football players and so on. The steroid qualitatively affects the muscles. It does not increase the number of muscle fibers, but improves those muscle fibers that already exist. Yes, weight gain can be traced. But it's not that important.


PCT should preferably be performed with tamoxifen in the last 10 milligrams per day throughout the day. For two weeks, natural testosterone production should stabilize.

Side effects

As a rule, oxandrolone is the derivative of dihydrogesterone. This means that the drug does not aromatize in the body. But at the same time, excessive use and excess of dosages very negatively affect the general condition of the body. Side effects of hospitalization include: liver damage, decreased appetite, headache, migraine, sexual dysfunction. The latter side effect is very rare, but its appearance cannot be completely ruled out.


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