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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Fluoximesterone
Package: 10 mg / tab. (50 tab.)


The active ingredient Halotestos from Pharmacom Labs is fluoxymesterone. Halotestos is a steroid with the most potent anabolic (1900% testosterone) and androgenic (850% testosterone) activity. Most often used by athletes to increase strength and aggression.

Halotestos from Pharmacom Labs

Halotestos 10 is very specific for steroid activity: the drug does not stimulate a set of muscle mass, but at the same time greatly increases muscle density and strength. Fighters, boxers and other siloviki often use this tool just before the competition. The mechanism of action of Halotestos is not yet known for certain, but there is a hypothesis about its non-receptorial nature of the effect on muscle fibers. Initially, the steroid was used medicinally to treat delayed puberty in men, lipogonadism, and breast cancer in women. Today the drug is used exclusively in professional sports.

Effects of Halotestos 10

Increased strength and aggression. After taking the drug in the shortest possible time, the motivation increases, the athlete is encouraged to act, the fear is suppressed. Excellent precompetitive.
Increased stiffness, density and venous muscle. Due to these properties, Halotestos is used in drying courses by bodybuilders.
Stimulation of erythropoietin and hemoglobin production. Reception Halotestos positively affects the stamina of athletes: the number of red blood cells increases, which allows for more efficient transport of oxygen.
Severe fat burning effect. The use of fat cells for the body's energy supply is one of the key functions of Halotestos.
In its structure, the steroid resembles methyltestosterone (however, it is more potent than it is about five times). The active ingredient is a modification of testosterone in three positions: 9-fluoro group, 11-beta-hydroxy group and 17-alpha-mitel. Due to these improvements, the half-life of Halotestos is prolonged, the destruction of the substance during the first passage through the liver is removed, the conversion to estrogen is prevented and the androgenic activity is increased.

Halotestos from Pharmacom Labs Reception How to take Halotestos
The Halotestos course is not recommended to last longer than 6 weeks. If the duration exceeds the specified rate, the risk of side effects increases significantly. If you have not yet taken this drug, then it will be optimal to use it only before the competition to achieve aggression and increase strength indicators. Halotestos is extremely popular in martial arts. The main disadvantage of the drug is that it is caught by doping control, and therefore the reception by competing athletes is carried out at their own risk.

How to take Halotestos? The daily dosage ranges from 5 to 40 milligrams. The specific choice must be made by the individual characteristics of the athlete: experience in using AAS, weight, portability, etc. As for the use of a steroid for building muscle mass this is rather dubious. For this purpose, there are many safer and more effective drugs.

Side effects

If the recommended dosages are exceeded, the side effects of Halotestos are not likely to be missed. In addition to inhibiting the production of your own testosterone, it is possible to modify the fat content of the skin, acne, frequent erections, decreased ejaculate volume, prostate abnormalities. The drug is really uncomfortable, very powerful and does not tolerate neglect.

Opinions on Halotestos

Halotestos by Pharmacom Labs reviews It's hard to find reviews about Halotestos from professional athletes. Basically, they are left anonymously, because it is clear that none of the top-tier athletes competing will not want to disclose the fact of their use of prohibited drugs. But according to the available information it is possible to draw a certain conclusion: Halotestos is extremely effective in increasing aggression, the main thing is not to spread it until the right moment. Unfortunately, not all of them are successful.

Reviews about Halotestos from women almost never occur. Athletes who have still taken the drug (in minimal dosages), note full compliance with the claimed effects.


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