Stan-Max (amp) Injectable Stanozolol


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Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Injectable Stanozolol
Package: 50 mg / amp. (10 amp.)


Description Stan-Max

It has both anabolic and androgenic properties. Additionally, it has been found to cause virilizing effects in females. Although this drug was initially very common and widely available on the market, it is not as common as such nowadays.

Effects on the body

Stan-Max la is widely used for building muscle by most body builders and a good number of athletes as well. Aside from its effect of increasing body weight, the drug also increases performance to a great extent. However, there is a tendency for the drug not to retain body water. It has an effect of selectively burning body fat while retaining protein. The reason that a dosage of 2-6 mg is used in one day is due to the drug's effect of having a high toxic effect on the liver. However, there is a common challenge because most athletes who commonly use the drug Stanzolol 5 tend to overdose by taking the drug between 5-15 times a day. This can be dangerous leading to catastrophic effects on the human liver. Consequently, it is always advisable to inject the drug into the applicant's body rather than taking it orally. This is because, oral intake of Stanzolol 5 causes it to destroy the liver in pieces due to the high metabolism.


Stan-Max LA is applied in the intramuscular formulation in both animals and humans. For use on humans, the drug is taken orally as a tablet. The usual dosage is 2 mg three times a day. This dosage should be taken consistently over a period of at least 1-3 months. During this period of faithfully taking the drug Stanzolol 5, there is little or no chance of experiencing adverse effects.Ideally, the effects of the drug are noticeable after a period of approximately 3-4 months upon completion of the prescribed dosage. This drug also has some significant androgenic effects, especially in high dosage cases. However, just like most anabolic steroids, Stanzolol 5 also has side effects.

Comon side effects


After or while using the drug Stan-Max, a yellow urine may be noticeable as it causes protein retention which can cause excess protein in the blood. Some of these passed out with urine.

Hepatic necrosis

This is liver cancer that occurs due to the drug's interference with the liver.


Medical specialists recommend that after the drug has been used for about 3-4 weeks, you can always pedal alternating it with other steroid drugs. Also, it is advisable to use the drug along with water pills to help eliminate excess water that has been retained in the body. It has been found that Stan-Max drug is mainly used by women. This is because it tends to have a powerful anabolic effect and a very mild androgenic effect.


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