Rexobol 50 Oral Stanozolol


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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Oral Stanozolol
Package: 50 mg / tab. (50 tab.)



Rexobol 50 by Alpha-Pharma is a steroid drug with predominantly reduced anabolic and androgenic activity. Active ingredient Stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and is one of the most used anabolic steroids by athletes for drying, qualitative muscle growth, endurance and strength increasing.

Rexobol 50 TABLETS for athletes

The first stanozolol products, which was the Winthrop Laboratories product, developed in 1962, were issued for use in medicine or even veterinary medicine. Steroids very quickly became widespread in sports, where, in contrast to its original purpose, it is still relevant to the present.

Rexobol, as well as its immediate analogues from other manufacturers, promotes effects set lean mass, fat loss, increase muscle topography and density, eliminate excess fluids increases the endurance and potential strength of the host, and can be increased appetite observed.

Thanks to the wide range of Rexobol 50 actions (10 mg / tab, 50 tab) from Alpha Pharma according to most sports ADJOINT intensive night. loads. It has actually been used by athletes, from beginners to professionals in bodybuilding, martial arts, athletics and other sports.

Thus Rexobol 50 practically does not show side effects if the following recommendations: hepatotoxicity is, but moderate, and relatively safe drug used by athletes at 6-8 weeks, aromatization and estrogenic activity not inherent, and therefore side effects are excluded such as water retention and gynecomastia, strong suppression of testosterone production, if it was not generally observed using prolonged abuse (in practice, and feedback is detected by reducing SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), thereby increasing the level of free testosterone).

Possible side effects Rexobol 50 is to increase cholesterol level, high blood pressure, discomfort and pain in large joints, myocardial hypertrophy (with predisposition and abuse), complications due to liver toxicity.

Rexobol 50 customer service reviews, how we see the results of the application, and the relative safety of the drug. Stanozolol is a steroid initially for medical and veterinary use. At that time, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval was also given for the use of humans.

HOW TO APPLY Rexobol 50?

The drug is recommended for predominantly male sports. However, reduced dosage in order not to cause virilization side effects can be used by women. For athletes, the allowable doses of 5-10 mg per day can be a little higher, with good tolerability.

For athletes, the effective Rexobol dosage is 20-50 mg per day. The course of the drug pill taken every day with intervals of as the substance activity is no different duration: half-life 9-24 hours.

Rexobol course rare solo execution and is often combined with other steroids.Depending on the results named tasks provide a ligament with testosterone (from propionate or phenylpropionate to mixture of esters, such as Omnadren and Andropov), nandrolone (from phenylpropionate to mix esters), methenolone, drostanolone, trenbolone (from acetate to mix esters), boldenone and many other steroids, the use of which is important in sports.

For athletes, experienced in the use of sports pharmacology, efficient drying and receiving combined course Rexobol 50 and Trenbolone Acetate (drugs such as Trenbolone 100 BodiFarm, Trenbolone 75 Trenoged and the like), respectively, at dosages of the order of 30-50 mg per day and 75- 100 mg every other day. Prolonged use 6-7 weeks and its need for choleretic reception (Preparation Flamen or holosas) and cabergoline (drug Dostinex). Mandatory post-cycle therapy (PCT) clomiphene (Clomid or similar medicines) 3 weeks of 50-100 mg per day.


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