Pharma Test Oil Base 100 Testosterone Suspension


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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Testosterone Suspension
Package: 100mg / ml (10ml)



Pharma Test 100 Oil Base a strong anabolic and androgenic (100 percent anabolic and androgenic activity of interest) manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pharmacom Labs. It is based on an oily solution of testosterone, notable for its incredibly powerful and rapid impact on the human body.

Before describing the drug, it is important to say that in 2014 PharmaCom Labs changed the package design again and also introduced a system to verify the authenticity of the goods. The control is carried out using the code located on a special label under the protective layer (the sticker can be found on the blister of the drug in tablets or on the bank of the injectable drug). On the assets of the first batches of such a protection system is not provided!

Description of Pharma Test 100 Oil Base

The active ingredient of this steroid is testosterone in its pure form, i.e. without the addition of ethers. On the contrary, testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate and testosterone phenylpropionate, is rapidly absorbed into the blood and exerts its activity almost immediately after the introduction of (tangible effect on its application will be visible on the next day of the course).

The action of Pharma Test 100 Oil Base generally lasts less than 24 hours (its half-life is approximately 2-6 hours). Therefore, in sports practice to achieve significant results of the drug are advised to take every day, for example, you can do 2 injections per day of 50 mg or 100 mg to set for 3-4 hours before exercise.

The purpose of using Pharma Test 100 Oil Base from PharmaCom in most cases is to increase the strength and quality of muscle mass.Note that due to the rapid elimination from the body of athletes of such disciplines as powerlifting, bodybuilding and weightlifting, they regularly use it in preparation for competition.

However, it is worth understanding that the effects that the Pharma Test 100 Oil Base exhibits are plural and don't just focus on increasing muscle strength or volume:

  • • Stimulates the increase of muscle mass,
  • • increase in resistance indicators,
  • • Increases aggression and vigor in training,
  • • Increases libido and sexual activity (during the course),
  • • Improves the relief and stiffness of the muscles,

A moderate fat burning effect is observed during application.

It should also be noted that the PharmaTest 100 oil base can be characterized not only by positive, but also by some side effects. For example, an athlete may face the consequences of a strong androgenic and high-flavor steroid acne, improving oily skin, gynecomastia, water retention, aggression. Also, the body's own testosterone development may decrease.

It is important that the drug is recommended for use only for men. Women PharmaTest 100 (in oil) from Pharmacom Labs not used due to high androgenic activity, i.e. due to the risk of virilization (virilization or virilnoe syndrome and accumulation and development of secondary male sexual characteristics in women). This is a violation of the type of coarseness of the voice and improved hair.

At the end, we describe the storage conditions required for the preparation:

  • • Keep the vial closed in a place inaccessible to light and moisture,
  • • Make sure that the storage temperature does not exceed and is not below room temperature,
  • • Make sure children or pets do not reach the steroid.

How to take Pharma Test 100 Oil Base?

This anabolic and androgenic enter the bloodstream very quickly and are rapidly eliminated from the body. Therefore, athletes regularly take it in preparation for competition, in order to achieve optimal physical fitness in the shortest possible time.

If we talk about how the Pharma Test 100 Oil Base course, then first of all it is noted that the recommended dosage for use is about 50-100 mg per day. This high frequency of reception from a short period of pure testosterone activity is explained. It is also important to say that steroid injections are painful, so nimesulide (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) can be helpful in the course.

It is important that the concentration of the active substance in the injection vial is convenient – 100 mg per 1 ml. This means that exactly 0.5-1 ml of the drug will be needed for the introduction of the recommended dose of the substance in 50-100 mg. Therefore, a barrel with a volume of 10 milliliters should be enough for at least 10 days (1 ml per day) of the course.

The use of the oil-based PharmaTest can take place not only alone, but also in combination with other steroids. This is done to increase the effectiveness of the path by a more significant increase in muscle mass and strength. The drug can be combined with methandienone injections, it also combines well with oxymetalon, boldenone and many other anabolic and androgenic topical sports.


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