Pharma Nan P100 Nandrolone Phenylpropionate


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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
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Pharma Nan PH 100 this is a fairly powerful anabolic drug, the course shows minimal side effect. At the same time, the positive qualities of this steroid multiple and useful for both experienced athletes and beginners, introducing only the world of sports pharmacology: drug increases protein synthesis, increases the concentration of red blood cells, strengthens the immune system, structure bone, and so on.

This steroid is mainly used in sports practice, bodybuilding, for muscle mass gain and body strengthening. However, it has another purpose. In particular, due to the ability to increase the strength of ligaments and bones it can be used effectively in medicine, for example, to treat osteoporosis and prevent other diseases.

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What is Pharma Nan PH 100

The basis of this is a potent anabolic steroid phenylpropionate nandrolone, with mild androgenic effects. This modification of nandrolone, which is characterized by a short period of action about 3-5 days.

The nandrolone phenylpropionate ether chain, and thus the drug Pharma Nan P 100 2 times lower than that of nandrolone decanoate. That is why the active ingredient of the steroid is absorbed into the blood more quickly and has less time to affect the human body. This same property of the active ingredient also forms other distinctive features of the drug. First, a shorter exposure period significantly reduces the risk of side effects. Secondly, it reduces the time to restore testosterone concentration after the end of the course. Thirdly, if side effects occur or if the drug is poorly tolerated, the course can be stopped and all negative reactions disappear.

In the course Pharma Nan PH 100 exhibits multiple positive qualities, including the following properties and effects:

• Increase protein synthesis and reduce protein loss by cells, which provides powerful muscle growth,

• Strengthen the bone structure of the body, ligaments and joints thanks to the retention of calcium in the body and the additional synthesis of collagen,

• Anti-inflammatory effect, manifested in the removal of joint pain,

• Increased concentration of red blood cells in the blood,

• Increase the body's immune defenses.

PharmaNan-P has not only a positive effect, but also side effects. In particular, the drug can cause the following diseases and abnormalities in the body: rash, headache, rhinitis (runny nose), back pain, slight lowering of endogenous testosterone production.

But the main drawback of Pharma Nan PH 100 is far from the side effects, but from the progestin activity of the drug and its consequences. Thus, using the maximum recommended dose of anabolics, despite the almost total absence of aromatization, delayed body fluids, gynecomastia and increased body fat can occur.To mitigate these side effects, the athlete can use anti-estrogens, for example, Clomid or Tamoxifen.

There is also a downside Pharma Nan PH 100 can include the following features: the need for frequent administration of steroids (every 2-3 days) and the impossibility of its use before competition. The first is due to the short half-life of the active substance, the second long excretion of metabolites of the active substance from the body (16-18 months).

The use of PharmaNan-P 100 by women is also justified, as is its use by men. During its reception it is easy to avoid virilization phenomena (growth of the clitoris in size, increased voice, excessive growth of body hair, etc.), and thus, this steroid can effectively use the fair sex. The recommended dosage for women 50-100 mg of the drug per week, there are cases of use and large doses around 50-100 mg every 3 days.

Important: The storage of this injectable steroid is done in a place closed from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

How is PharmaNan-P 100 going?

It is a powerful anabolic agent, which can be easy to use, and novices in the world of pharmacology, and has already experienced athletes who want even more to get fit. It is also necessary to clarify that PharmaNan-P 100 rate can be based both on a single steroid use, and its combination with other anabolic agents.

If you are unsure or don't know how to take Pharma Nan PH 100 alone, we will show you. Experienced athletes better meet the dosage of 100-200 mg (steroid injected once every two days). This amount is sufficient for a significant increase in physical strength and muscle mass. less experienced athletes use rate Pharma Nan PH 100 with doses of 150 to 300 mg per week (preparation administered every two or three days).Women should also resort to the use of the minimum recommended doses, as a maximum, is 50-100 mg of steroids administered every three days.

And the course of this drug is usually four to eight weeks. use of steroids more than eight full weeks, little sense, since it will not lead to a significant increase in the effectiveness of the course, but will certainly increase the risk of side effects.

Combined use Pharma Nan PH 100 must be in accordance with clear guidelines. Effectively active drug can be combined with one of the following steroids: Stanozolol (Winstrol®) Testosterone Methandienone, and Turinabol Masteron. athletes often combine his appointment right away with two anabolics, for example, making a combined rate of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate and Turinabol Winstrol. Important: when using the three steroid course should reduce the dosage of each of them.


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