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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 25 mg / tab. (100 tab.)


The active ingredient Oxymetos is oxymetallone. This steroid was synthesized by the American Haste Synthesis Company for use in pharmaceutical applications. Subsequently, the drug was approved by the Federation of Medicine and hit the market. His appearance was noticed by bodybuilders. The result of the steroid was shocking.

Oxymetos: a real breakthrough in the field of sports pharmacology. The peculiarity of this preparation is that it does not aromatize in the body and has no estrogenic activity. But at the same time it can affect the metabolism of estrogen structure, thereby modifying hormones.

Oxymetos action

Oxymetalone affects the body not on a cellular level. As soon as it enters the blood, the action of the drug begins. Hidden anabolic resources are launched. All the strength of the body rushes to maintain a powerful anabolic effect. At the same time, the mass gain is just crazy. Training takes on a powerful explosive character. Oksimetos a great way to increase your feeding rates and to become more athlete vivid than other athletes.

How to take Oxymetholone Pharmacom Labs

Typically, Oxymetos is often used in a solo course. In this case, it gives a set of mass and extreme growth of the strength indicators. 7 kilos of high-quality muscles based on the rollback on the Oksimetoza course the usual fare.
Oxymetos dosages can range from 50 to 300 milligrams per day. It all depends on your experience and individual tolerance of the components of the drug.

The tablet form is generated by calculating oksimetoz 10 milligrams of active ingredient per tablet. This greatly simplifies the dosage.
Masonboreal courses are often performed in combination with the following drugs



Testosterone and all its ethers

To reduce estrogenic activity, use stanozolol. Experienced athletes often kombinirueyut Oxymetos with Oxandrolone. This course gives a more tangible result. True, it all depends on the individual perception of the drug.

Effect of Oxymetos

Pronounce muscle growth, which will give Oksimetoz one of the most striking effects. In view of the high intensity muscle growth, Oxymetos very popular among professional athletes. It allows you to quickly get out of stagnation and get more vibrant results.

Strength increase due to rapid repair of muscle fibers

Oxymethosis has the property of eliminating pain in sugars. It causes the production of synovial fluid. True, this property is not characteristic of all athletes.

It reduces the concentration of globulins, which allows for powerful anabolic effects.

The content of red blood cells in the blood increases significantly. In view of this, the athlete's endurance is increased.

PCT after Oxymetos

Often used testosterone PCT boosters to normalize hormone production. In any case, PKT depends on how the drug is combined with other anabolic steroids. Also, PCT depends on the dosage and the effects on the liver. During the course, supportive drugs are used to protect the liver.

Side effects

The main side effect of the drug is pathotoxicity. The effect on the liver is quite serious. Therefore, during the course, try to optimize the dosage as much as possible. Pay attention to the fact that common increase in blood pressure, worsening of the blood lipid profile, enlargement of the prostate (temporary nature). In order to minimize any side effects, do not exceed the standard dosage and compose competent FCT. Ideal to use liver support agents such as Kars, etc.


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