Magnum Anastrol Anastrozole


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Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Anastrozole
Package: 1 mg / tab. (50 tab.)



What form of release is offered in pharmacies

For sale, Magnum Anastrol is offered in soft packs, in which there are 2 blisters. In each blister there are 14 biconvex round tablets, which are covered with a film membrane. Each tablet is engraved. On the one hand, the A incision, on the other hand, the Adx / 1 incision.

Structure of the preparation

The active ingredient in this medicine is anastrozole. The tablet contains 1 mg of the active ingredient. It also includes:

Sterile magnesium 1 mg
Povidone 2 mg
Lactose monohydrate 93 mg
Carboxymethylene starch sodium 3 mg.
The composition of the film sheath used includes:

Macrogol 300
Titanium dioxide
What distinguishes the pharmacological action of Magnum Anastrol
The active ingredient of the drug has a positive effect on the malignant tumor. Above all it is distinguished by the high antitumor activity, related to estrogen-dependent breast tumors, which affects women during postmenopause.

Important: The growth of tumors during postmenopause causes estradiol. Magnum Anastrol is designed for selective aromatase inhibition, which helps reduce the level of circulating estradiol.

The decrease in the level of estradiol has a therapeutic effect for women with diagnosed breast cancer. In a dose of 1 mg, the active drug is ready to reduce the level of estradiol by 80%.

Peculiarities of the pharmacokinetics of the preparation

There is no androgenic, progestin, estrogenic activity in Magnum Anastrol.

A special feature of the drug is the lack of supply in the standard daily dose of 10 mg of the effect on the secretion of aldosterone and cortisol.This makes it possible to refuse when receiving a therapeutic dose from administering a replacement type with corticosteroids.

It is taken on an empty stomach, absorbed through the digestive tract. Two hours after taking the maximum dose of plasma. It is deducted for 40-50 hours. Mainly excreted in the urine. Pharmacokinetics do not depend on the age of a postmenopausal woman.

Indication of the Magnum Anastrol

The diagnoses that underlie the prescription of the drug include:

Early stages of malignant lesions in the mammary gland in the tumor overexpression stage. Including after surgery
Metastatic or locally recurrent breast cancer in women
Neoplasms in the mammary gland of a malignant type
Magnum Anastrol dosage and other admission rules
From the early stages of admission to adults, 1 mg of arimidex is prescribed once a day with mandatory oral administration. No additional dosage adjustment is necessary for patients suffering from concomitant diagnoses such as severe renal and hepatic insufficiency.

Studies have shown no toxicity of the drug and have shown that there is no possibility of an overdose. In clinical trials, up to 60 mg of the drug per day was taken with a single dose and up to 10 mg with a daily appointment. Some cases of an overdose trough with the appearance of nausea, which do not require special treatment, are known.

Variants of drug interaction

Tests showed no drug interaction with other drugs, including other anticancer agents. Co-administration with estrogen-containing drugs is not recommended, as this neutralizes the effect of the drug.

While conducting animal studies during pregnancy and lactation, there were no contraindications to admission.The practice of the use of amidex in women during pregnancy and lactation is not described. This becomes the basis for taking amyrodex only after consulting the therapist dealing with the treatment.


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