Liv. 52 Various Herbal Ingredients


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Manufacturer: Himalaya
Substance: Various Herbal Ingredients
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Liv.52, an Ayurvedic formulation for the liver

Liv.52 food supplement is based on a renowned formulation of Ayurvedic medicine. Used for many years, this is a natural formulation to detoxify the liver. The combination of plants in Liv. 52 includes:

Himsra, or caper bush, also known by the scientific name Capparis espinosa,
Kasani, better known as common chicory or Cichorium intybus,
Kakamachi, also known as the black nightshade, or scientifically as Solanum nigrum,
Kasamarda, or Cassia occidentalis,
Biranjasipha, or Achillea millefolium, better known as yarrow or yarrow,
Jhavuka, or Tamarix gallica, also called French tamarisk,
Arjuna, or Terminalia Arjuna, a tree native to India,
Mandur Bhasma, an Ayurvedic preparation based on iron.
Detoxification to protect the liver
Liv.52 is a supplement formulated for the liver, an essential organ for healthy bodily function. Part of the digestive system, the liver performs vital functions, mainly those of storage, synthesis and purification. It participates in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and stores numerous substances such as glycogen and vitamins. It synthesizes a number of proteins such as albumin and bile, the fluid that aids in digestion. Above all, the liver is known for its detoxifying action, which helps destroy or convert toxins such as alcohol, drugs and other waste products. Unfortunately, the liver sometimes has to deal with multiple external aggressors that can prevent it from functioning normally and produce harmful consequences for the body. It is therefore essential to support and protect the liver.

An effective formulation to detoxify the liver

The liver can sometimes be damaged, possibly due to a disease such as viral hepatitis or a significant buildup of toxins, as is the case with alcoholism. Without proper treatment, such liver damage can prove dangerous and cause serious complications, eventually leading to irreversible cirrhosis. Liv.52 can offer vital help in detoxifying the liver. Its 50 years of use are proof of its effectiveness, as are the more than 170 clinical studies conducted on it. About a hundred studies have also focused on its potential in the prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis, alcoholism, cirrhosis, malnutrition and hepatotoxicity induced by radiation and chemotherapy.

Liv.52 protects, maintains and restores the liver

The Liv.52 formulation is widely used to prevent and fight liver damage. Through its various mechanisms of action, it helps protect, maintain and restore the liver. In particular, scientists believe it has a beneficial effect in:

  • protect the liver parenchyma,
  • stimulate hepatocellular regeneration,
  • enabling antioxidant activity to maintain cell membrane integrity and increase detoxifying enzyme levels
  • of cytochrome P-450,
  • stimulating the production of bile,
  • facilitate the rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, a toxic intermediate metabolite produced during the breakdown of alcohol,
  • protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage,
  • reduce the lipotropic activity associated with chronic alcoholism,
  • limiting fatty infiltration of the liver.


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