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Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 50 mg / tab. (100 tab.)



Androlik is one of the strongest and most effective oral steroids developed on the basis of oxymetalone. It has a strong anabolic property and promotes rapid gain in body weight and muscles.

Androlic: the effect of the drug

The steroid possesses the most powerful androgenic action, taking Androlic allows athletes in a record time to achieve huge increases in muscle mass and strength. The athlete who takes these pills can gain up to 5-7 kg for two weeks.

In the course of this tool, the athlete's body accumulates a lot of water, in addition to muscle tissue, which leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass and volume. Reviews on the Internet indicate its high efficiency and fast results.

Androlik promotes the attraction of water into the muscle cell, which leads to an increased accumulation of water on the course of the drug. Such a steroid drug does not give a qualitative increase in muscle tissue, but provides a purely quantitative value. But the steroid lubricates the joints, which is important for athletes who suffer from joint pain and who work with heavy weights.

It also helps to increase red blood cells, through which the muscles get more oxygen. Athletes who use Androlik 50 feel a huge surge of strength and don't feel tired during training. Overtraining when taking these tablets is excluded, since the substance creates conditions for high body regeneration.

The active ingredient of the drug oxymetholone was developed by Sintex in 1960. Funds with this active substance were removed from production several times and re-released under other brands.

Androlic: dosage and combination

At the beginning of treatment, athletes are recommended a daily dosage of Androlik 50 mg, which should be gradually increased. In one week, the dose should be increased approximately twice (up to 100 mg). The tablets as a whole should be consumed with meals in the morning and evening. It is reasonable to take the drug in an amount of 1 mg per 1 kg of body weight, that is, about 1-3 tablets of 50 mg per day.

The maximum dose of anabolics is 3 tablets, and the intake of 4 is not recommended even for experienced athletes, since judging by the opinions of experienced athletes, the likelihood of stronger side effects is high.

Athletes, whose body is familiar with steroids, can already in the third week of admission bring the daily dosage to 150 mg. The same pattern can be followed by athletes whose weight category exceeds 100 kg.

The rather high price of Androlik is more than offset by a tangible effect from taking the drug. However, it is worth remembering that the cycle of taking a steroid should not exceed more than 3-4 weeks, since during the reception there is a rapid saturation of the receptors. Generally, it is not recommended to take more than 8 weeks.

Good results are achieved by athletes who associate this drug with sustanone or testosterone enanthate with a subsequent transition to short esters and stanozolol. This combination helps prevent muscle loss after the steroid-taking process is over. The association with Parabolan helps to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass. This combination, in turn, is popular with professional athletes and allows them to achieve high results.

Often these tablets are combined with nandrolone decanoate. This ligament can also be used for the rapid build-up of muscle mass.In addition, Androlik 50 is recommended for athletes suffering from joint diseases. It significantly accumulates not only the muscles, but also increases the amount of natural lubrication in the joints.

Androlic: reviews of athletes

The steroid is recognized as one of the most effective oral preparations for athletes to date. It is very popular with athletes who need to increase their strengths. It is also widely known in bodybuilding, as it allows you to build large muscle mass in minimal terms.

If you take into account the reviews about Androlic, then we can say that weightlifters consider this drug indispensable, and with its help they manage to achieve incredible results. Bodybuilders who take such pills report a rush of blood to the muscles (excellent pumping in training), which increases their performance and endurance.

Numerous reviews on Androlic also show that this drug is best for athletes who are on a diet and who do not want to lose the recruited muscle mass. Many athletes take it until the last week before competition, and water retention in the body is eliminated with the help of dehydrating and anti-estrogen agents.

The use of such tablets is not recommended for women, since there is a high probability of side effects in the form of masculinization. Negative manifestations, in particular, can be irreversible and lead to baldness, a decrease in the tone of the voice, deterioration of the skin.


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